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02.1.12: Fly on little wing, Yeah yeah, yeah, little wing…….

Little wing, just another one of my favorite songs and Jimi? A love….genius.

Well she’s walking through the clouds
With a circus mind that’s running round
Butterflies and zebras….

So let me start off this blog by first apologizing for not updating yesterday as I knew that I would have a bit more to say today about an event I went to: A relaxing evening with some of my favorite girls clothing swapping! When I first received the email from my inspirational and lovely friend Marisa (who directed Vegucated!) I changed my plans around so that I can make sure to spend time with her and our many other friends…..

A clothing swap, you ask? If you have never heard of a clothing swap it is when you and your friends, coworkers or even a store, a school, basically a bunch of people get together and bring things that they don’t wear anymore and put it up to swap. One used skirt is another person’s new one….You end up having a great time swapping with your friends and know that these clothes will be used again and or reswapped at the next one! Many organizations hold swaps and you can look up events in your area where these are being held.  New York University holds one annually around Earth Day that I have been to and participated in.

Last night we were also swapping jewelery, housing appliances, beauty products, shoes etc. I highly, I mean, HIGHLY believe in clothing swaps and or donating. Recycling, Upcycling, thrift & vintage …these are just a few of my favorite things. (Along with whiskers on kittens!).

The night turned out beautiful as about 10 of us sat down around a coffee table modeling our swaps and snacking on guacamole, pate, hummus and fresh veggies. Corn Chips and Salsa and wine or coconut water and I even got to try Amy’s new Gluten Free Vegan Pizza! (AMAZING!). AT one point, I looked around the room and marveled at how wonderful and inspiring my friends are. Motivational and intriguing: it was a wonderful night of good girl fun.

I tried not to indulge  in my friend’s swaps, too much but at these events you are allowed to.  I ended up getting some AMAZING things including this Tunic dress that I am wearing today & the rainbow bracelets:

Tunic Dress swapped from Leanne ❤ Rainbow Bracelet swapped from Jasmin...

Clothing swaps are needed in order to recycle and I ask everyone reading this to host one with your girl friends or guy friends and make a day or night of it.  You would be surprised at the treasures you come home with! I actually went home with two bags full of “new” clothes to wear and use for this here daily blog and I will be trying to incorporate them as much as I can. There was even a Mat & Nat vegan bag up for swap and almost a fight over it. 😉 (haha not really.) Also, everything swapped last night was vegan.

And moonbeams and fairy tales
That’s all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind.

Growing up in the hippie dippy way that I did I actually became quite accustomed to “free” clothing, another way to swap at whatever stop overs we were at or communes or just constantly swapping clothing with friends. I’d enjoy playing dress up for HOURS on end with my brand “new” clothes, tossing them around and always found some of my favorites as I’d pretend I was a princess or sometimes Janine from the Ghostbusters. Good times, I tell you. Growing up as a hippy allowed me to be able to realize that recycling and wearing clothes that once belonged to another person is OK. As well as it allowed me to experience a lot of different fashions because my family let me dress the way I chose and I appreciate them bringing me up to have my own personality and as you call tell: I have my own style.

Little wing vest: French purchase. When I wear this vest I feel like I am at Woodstock 69'

Do you have your own style? We all do, we seem to seek out these fashions when we are quite young and finally find ourselves later in life…I enjoy stepping out of the box, as you know and if I feel like I am wearing anything basic: it appears obvious to me that I am not feeling like myself.

The past few days have flown on: maybe this is why I chose little wing as today’s song because time just flies so quickly. I had my guitar fixed, it is absolutely beautiful and I am excited to start practicing it more frequently now that it is much easier to play as well as writing more songs. I just need to chill and since music is definitely on the top of my list of favorite things: I want to make it for myself.

Fly on little wing,
Yeah yeah, yeah, little wing

And I will fly on… as last year was the year of change but this year is the year of content. And the meaning of life is? Siri from the iPhone says “a movie”.

P.S. Host a clothing swap in your area and if you are in New York City, invite me.

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