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01.29.12: I was a mod before you was a mod….


I can go anywhere anytime I choose
I will never ever be a substitute
Just set me free and then you’ll watch me fly
And heaven knows I’m a lucky guy
Drop some blues and away we go
Taking a trip down to the coast
Oh yeah…..

I would LOVE taking a trip down to the coast as I would ride on a scooter, that’s what my dream was last night…flying down the coast wearing a parka and letting the wind take me where I need to go. Cliche? Yes, exciting? Even more so….

I was mod before you was a mod
I was mod before you was a mod
And you take me to a higher ground
The coolest love that I have ever found
Just set me free and then you watch me fly
And heaven knows I’m a lucky guy…

Saturday didn’t have a blog entry because I knew I would be doing quite a bit during the day and into the evening. That night the plan was to go to a Soul Dance party in Brooklyn at a record shop, absolutely my thing! So I got all dressed up: did my makeup very mod, I usually do but this time I went all out and chose a simple outfit which mainly included just thrift store items I picked up here and there (obviously my theme color for the day was purple):

Later on I received a call and Kate and I decided that I would run up to her apartment and we see where the night takes us. She had a bottle of wine, 60s rock records (mod!) and where did the night go? It was FAB! We go-go danced the night away, took silly photos and brain stormed for new ideas; you will find those out when the time comes.

Got the Go: 60s go-go music

I look cool in my bowling shoes
My Ben Sherman shirt is a classic shade of blue
‘Cause I was a mod before you was a mod
Yeah I was mod before you was a mod
We’re moving out on a cool dance floor
You’re taking me down to a distant shore….

Something about me and Kate is that we speak excitedly about mod culture and fashion and she gets me, not many do but if you look back: this style actually keeps getting revived for a reason. It was a rule breaker and Jeez, I fit right in that category. 80s culture revived the 50s and 60s with a bang and we like it. I feel when I meet another mod; we are kindred souls because we belong in Europe, in the 60s and like in my dream: riding a scooter with a parka speaking mockney…ahh the passions we find in life and this is just one of them.

Don't leave us hanging on the telephone...

One of the best experiences in life can be when you least expect them. In this being, I am a spontaneous person; I try to set plans and sometimes succeed but usually fate steps in and my path changes. This is when I meet special people in my life or get up and in the past, moved away somewhere far off and not return for quite some time to NYC (I always return to New York). I am a free spirit, dancing through my life and I look back knowing I chose to succeed: with experience.

Last night turned out to be another exciting experience…dancing the night away with a bottle of wine. I love record parties.

Earlier on in the day I went to the Brooklyn China town with my roommate and as we dodged people we heard a crowd up ahead and realized that the new year was going on. Watching them dance in Pokemon costumes and dragons we clapped (well i clapped) along with them for a few minutes while sipping on my vegan bubble tea (just another addiction!).

One of the things I love most about the China town is that I love the fashions that they have: very, well mod. Cute little skirts, dresses with lace collars & lace linings; things I would normally wear but won’t buy because I know they were most likely made in sweatshops and I am confident in my ethics and don;t buy anything made at a sweatshop (at least I try not to). We went food shopping and every time we go there I always end up with: nori, mochi, ginger chews, some odd fruit & more nori and a bubble tea. I really need to go visit Asia.

I’m taking a trip down to the coast
I’m digging the scenes that I dig the most
And I was mod before you was a mod
Yeah I was mod before you was a mod

And I figure, it’s time to take a trip on a scooter.

Rachel Kay telephone

Shhh, I am on the telephone.

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