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01.20.12: Using Mockney:

I am going to try to incorporate this slang into some of my posts, innit?So get ready to listen to some of my mockney:

A Mockney Glossary:
Cheers: Hello, I am in fine spirits. How do you fare? What say you – shall we drink?
(n.b., cheers is a multi-purpose greeting, salutation, thanks, and farewell, and is appropriate in any given situation one can name. It is not possible to over-use this word, so make sure you say it loudly and often.)

Mate: Old friend, casual acquaintance, passing chimmney sweep, etc. (Indeed, “mate” might refer to anyone one might know. Like “cheers”, it is impossible to over-use this word, and the more you say it the more your peers will be aware of your authentic Mockney mastery.)

Wotcha: Salutations. I trust the day finds you well?

Cock: Chum, pal. To be used advisedly and with care. “Wotcha Cock” is perfectly acceptable, while the innocent question “And will your cock be joining us tonight?” may be considered a faux pas.

Cor: I say!

Blimey: Well I never. This is a proper surprise. (n.b: Blimey is a very strong swearword, and should be used advisedly, and never in mixed company.)

Oi!: You there, desist and pay me attention immediately or I shall be forced to call a constable.

Innit: Wouldn’t you agree?

Not On Your Nelly: Given present conditions, your suggestion is so unlikely to find favour that it’s very airing seems mere folly on your part.

Toodle-pip!: Cheerio!

Shut it!: That’s quite enough of that talk for now, thank you.

Arse: Hard work. (e.g.: “I say mates, this is a bit of an arse, what?”)

Sod: Person of low character, to whom the sobriquet “mate” can most definitely not be applied.

Kiddy-fiddler: Person of ill repute.

Bird: Lady of no particular repute.

Pukka: Please punch me in the nose.

Jam Jar: Jar in which preserved fruit is to be found.

Fish: Rhyming Slang. Fish and chip = chippy = hippy.

Jarvis: Rhyming Slang. Jarvis=cocker= door knocker.

Damon: Toff. Of obscure origin.

Britpop: Rhyming slang. Britpop = drop, e.g. “I hear Shed Seven have been Britpopped from their record label.”


– I took the graphic from (A Mod site!)


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